A Month of Little to No Blogging…

Wow, what a month. For those who follow my blog you inevitably noticed that I have been unusually quite for nearly a month, but what a month it has been. Rest assured there has been some cooking to share there hasn’t been anywhere near the volume I normally do. Add to a lighter cooking load two of the weeks my husband had been traveling for work and just this last week he took a week of vacation. 

I always like to think that with my husband either gone or on vacation I will have plenty of time to blog, cook, draw, or whatever but it seems like I have less time to do any of that. When he’s not here our adorable dogs demand a lot of attention and my motivation wanes. Then when he takes vacations that are stay-at-home vacations we tend to get into major project mode.

That was the case this last week. The plan was to get the plot of land on our acreage tilled, build frames to adhere landscaping fabric to them, and get all of our tomato and tomatillo starts in to their respective beds. That was the plan, however we never heard back from the farmer who has done our tilling for us in the past and weren’t able to track a tiller down for rental. Meanwhile we had to take our car in for servicing and while that was being done we popped into our favorite nursery. Walking around we spotted some fun perennials and decided to do a little landscaping around one of the trees in the front yard.


After getting the one tree done we loved it so much we decided to do another… and then in kept going from there until all the trees directly in front of the house were weeded, landscaped and mulched. I even started taking our tree debris to make boarders. With having soft maples they tend to drop a lot of branches all through winter. Rather than having to pile them up and burn them I came up with this idea to make them decorative giving our landscaping a very organic feel. We have even started doing this for the walking paths we are cutting through the wooded part of our property.


With errands all week and the weekend full of planting beds in the front of the house we almost neglected our garden. Not being able to get a hold of the guy who tilled our garden in the past we decided to move forward without tilling. Our plan had ben to build frames out of 2×4’s and cover the bottom with landscaping fabric. We then would place steaks at the four corners and screw the frames to each of the steaks making the whole thing very rigid.


Now it’s on to planting beds but with vacation over this means even more work between work. Ideally the landscaping fabric should help retard the weeds without the used of herbicides and the rigid beds should make it easier to mow around. We also went with a more fluid layout to our beds rather than a fixed grid to both make it more visually interesting as well as working with the contours of our land. The last piece to our layout was making sure that our mower would be able to navigate all around the beds to keep it a great looking garden through the whole season.

So, vacation is over, my body aces, I am exhausted (but in a good way), and now it’s back to a normal routine. Lots of fun foods coming up so stay tuned!

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