Decorating for the Holidays Requires a Plan and a Strategy…

Decorating your house for the holidays is something that many of us do. Those who it falls to can often feel like this is a massive undertaking and, well, it is. Year after year it goes up. Most likely we add to it and then it comes down. The following year it’s even more work to put up and that cycle just continues. Heck, there have even been years when I question wether it’s worth all the work. This was almost one of those years it didn’t go up at all but then I made myself do it and you should too.  Continue reading

A Month of Little to No Blogging…

Wow, what a month. For those who follow my blog you inevitably noticed that I have been unusually quite for nearly a month, but what a month it has been. Rest assured there has been some cooking to share there hasn’t been anywhere near the volume I normally do. Add to a lighter cooking load two of the weeks my husband had been traveling for work and just this last week he took a week of vacation.  Continue reading

Making Family Traditions My Own, The Matzo Cloth

Many of us grow up with family traditions. Often in those traditions there are family heirlooms. As we grow up and leave home to start our individual lives as adults we start reminiscing over holidays past. We think of the smells, sights, sounds and even the heirlooms and it evolves into a nostalgia. If there are family heirlooms you may even secretly hope that one day they may be passed on to you, but what about all those years till then?  Continue reading

Good Design is All in the Details

In 2014 my husband and I decided to leave the fast paced life of the California bay area and move somewhere slower, quieter, and allow us to focus on quality of life. After finding a house on Zillow we flew out to Iowa to see it in person. Once at the location we new we had to buy it mainly for the land but we also knew the house had good bones. Unfortunately it was in need of a lot of updating.  Continue reading

Jet the Frog’s Big Imagination at Christmas (part 4, All That Candy)

So, I meant to write this over the holiday season but time got away from me and even though this is from a Christmas Book I wanted to share this part of the project with all of my foodie friends or any of you who have a sweet tooth.

In Jet the Frog’s Big Imagination at Christmas there was one scene I was both excited and dreading drawing. The line read something about a giant palace made of candy. This invoked images of Candyland and Willy Wonka. The ideas were endless but then came the task of creating them all. Continue reading

Fahoo, Fores, Dahoo, Dores, Welcome All Whos, Far and Near

As we walk thought my house you will see an odd room. Well, it’s more of an odd space. Straight in just past the kitchen is this large square space or room, it only has one full wall, on with a door and a hutch, and one that it is partial and leads you into the living room. What makes this space odd is that it’s more of a pass through. You pass through this space to get to the only restroom on this floor. You pass through it to get to the guest room. You Pass through it to go into the living room.  Continue reading