Jet the Frog’s Big Imagination at Christmas (part 4, All That Candy)

So, I meant to write this over the holiday season but time got away from me and even though this is from a Christmas Book I wanted to share this part of the project with all of my foodie friends or any of you who have a sweet tooth.

In Jet the Frog’s Big Imagination at Christmas there was one scene I was both excited and dreading drawing. The line read something about a giant palace made of candy. This invoked images of Candyland and Willy Wonka. The ideas were endless but then came the task of creating them all. Continue reading

Jet the Frog’s Big Imagination at Christmas (Part 2, The Pajamas)

Jet the Frog’s Big Imagination at Christmas (part 1) began giving you a loot at someone the MANY hidden gems in this adorable children’s Christmas picture book. Towards the end of the book there’s a scene with the Jet and Soren sitting in the living room enjoying their favorite Christmas story together. This living room was decorated to give Jet his big Christmas adventure. So decorating it I had to give this a lot of thought. Continue reading

Designing Featured Images

When working on launching my blog I discovered that I would have to do a lot of custom artwork for my blog. The template I picked out allowed me to put featured images on pages and categories. This was going to be the image that would be seen before a reader picked a post to read. That meant the image needed to be something that captured the essence of what the reader might encounter.  Continue reading

Food Caricatures?

Working on my blog I keep running into situations that need “featured images” and or course I have to come up with something that reflects me as an artist.

I didn’t want to do pictures of dishes I have made since they will get their own posts when when having categories to sort through my posts I want images to support the categories. That’s when I came up with the idea for “food caricatures”.  Continue reading