Bread. Crusty. Chewy. Slightly Sour. Bringing Rye Back to the MainStream.

Bread. It’s all bad carbs. Don’t eat it! We hear this all the time. I turn 40 this year and was just in seeing my doctor today for a routine check up. Of corse I get the lecture again about cutting out or at least down the amount of carbs I eat. So I asked him, have there been any studies that look at the various types of bread preparations, ingredients, or cooking methods to see if it’s a universal truth or just something we’re all taught. He did tell me that obviously whole grains, wheat, and so on would be better but I could tell the answer was no. At least not mainstream research. So am I supposed to believe all bread is created equally? After making various types of bread from a basic white, to challah, to multiple rye’s and many different dinner rolls I would argue NO, not all bread is created equally.  Continue reading

Why Rye? Depth of Flavor!

Rye Bread. Is there anything more Jewish? OK, maybe Matzo Ball Soup, but rye bread is right up there with it. At the turn of the 20th century Jews were immigrating to America in large numbers. They were looking for a fresh start and many found that in the boom of the delicatessen. With them they brought things like corned beef, pastrami, and rye bread. Things like caraway in their light rye breads, pumpernickel, and marble rye showcasing new flavors. Continue reading

Homemade Flour Tortillas

Learning to make common things you buy at the grocery store at home is both rewarding and demystifying. The other effect is that you can often make something that tastes so much better. Items sitting on shelves in the grocery store have to be able to sit there for a long time. This means they have to have chemicals, preservatives, and other things done to them to keep them “looking good” for extended periods of time.  Continue reading

Chocolate Babka. Or as I like to call it “The Sweet Mystical Goodness”

Have you ever heard of babka? If you’re Jewish the answer very well could be yes. However I have also been told if you grew up in New York there’s a good chance you are familiar with it as well! But hot to make it? How to shape it? How do you weave all that yummy goodness through the dough? Well, I finally found out and I am happy to share.  Continue reading