Quite Possibly the Perfect Gym Smoothie

So this post is going to be a bit different. I need to start with some background and personal information but to keep you reading I need to tell you this smoothie is dairy-free and sugar-free! Curious? Then please keep reading. I should also add that a high-power blender is beneficial for this recipe but you could probably do it with a standard blender as well. Best part of all it’s 4 ingredients!  Continue reading

The Power of Food

I have been going through a lot of rough personal issues recently, which combined with getting our garden in and the crazy weather we’re having here in the midwest, has been keeping me from blogging. Yesterday however, I was out mowing our acreage thinking about life and everything I am going through right now. Then this thought occurred to me. Thank goodness for amazing food.  Continue reading

Fool Proof Poached Eggs, but There’s a Catch… It’s All About Sous Vide.

So back in October when I started blogging I wrote a post: There’s more than one way to poach and egg. It was yet another hack and trick which used the microwave. This worked somewhat OK but was inconsistent at best and left a lot to be desired. At that point I was happy enough with it because after trying all the tricks on the stove it was the only one to get me solid whites and occasionally runny yolks. All the ones on the stover were a hot mess and I tried several top chefs “simple tricks” and none of them worked. However, today after the gym needing a big boost of protein I achieved a PERFECTLY poached egg and all the while I was showering, getting ready, and feeding the dogs. I wasn’t involved at all.  Continue reading

Bali Inspired, Tropical Fruit Bowls with Homemade Granola

Breakfast was never anything I was big on. Well, let me clarify… first thing in the morning trying to come up with anything interesting to eat was the furthest thing from my mind. If we happened to be on vacation or out and about early sure eating always sounded great and I do love many breakfast foods but preparing them myself right when I get up is no fun. This lead to Sunday brunch… well, it’s lunch but I like to think of it as brunch because I serve breakfast foods for lunch. I do love making various breakfast foods so doing them as our Sunday lunch allowed me to enjoy them but not first thing in the morning.  Continue reading

Kamut Oatmeal with Rose Mallow & Strawberry

In my husbands efforts for a healthier living and digestion started looking to whole grains for breakfast. Since breakfast wasn’t something I normally ate he just made it “functional food” meaning he would cook a big pot of grains with some nuts and dried fruit along with some chia and flax meal. He would package it up and freeze it. Then for breakfast he would thaw one, warm it in the microwave and then pour some cold milk on it to loosen the thick clump of grains. These breakfast weren’t necessarily tasty, they we’re functional.  Continue reading