Ditch the PSL and Have Pumpkin Cheesecake Instead!

If you read my final post in the Week of Thanksgiving Series about this cheesecake then you already know that Bravetart is a wealth of baked treats that don’t disappoint. I didn’t think there could be something to surprise and delight me when it came to cheesecake but boy was I wrong. Other than passing the eggs through a fine mesh sieve this recipe is almost too simple, but here’s the thing, simplicity can sometimes offer something oh so much tastier and this cheesecake is that. Continue reading

A Week of Thanksgiving: Bravetart’s Pumpkin Cheesecake

Like this amazing meal and all that went into it this series is finally coming to an end. Although every bite has been delicious and interesting not to mention one to be thankful for, knowing how to end a meal can be overwhelming. When you look into the world of desserts it’s immense and delicious. You have heard the phrase, “save room for dessert” but if you did that with all that is out there you may not eat anything other than dessert. When it comes to Thanksgiving, pie seems to reign supreme but I have to be honest. Pie has never done it for me. It probably goes back to a texture thing for me but all in all I just don’t get excited for pie like I do just about everything else in the dessert category. Then the question remains what do you do instead?  Continue reading

The Cake that Almost Wasn’t

I cook and bake all the time. I would even say more times that not it goes seamlessly. Often I can alter recipes on the fly and it works even better than I thought it might. However, when it’s something I am “trying” to do thats when it’s full of mistakes and errors. You see, my birthday was coming up. I wanted to make a cake. No big deal right? Wrong! This was for my 40th birthday so I wanted it to be perfect… and that’s when it all went wrong.  Continue reading

The “Peanut Butter Cup” Cake

I make a lot of cake. My obsession with cake started over twenty years ago when I was in my early teens. Quite honestly I think cake has always been a fascination to me. Even before I got into it my mom made cakes for special occasions all the time and I can still remember sitting and watching her meticulously decorate some of these elaborate cakes. However, even with years of making cakes there was a common flaw. The cake, the texture, the flavor… in essence the “taste” and even with there almost always being a short coming I persisted. Then in this last year I went crazy making cakes. I made cakes of all sorts of flavors but it wasn’t until recently I discovered a secret that would change everything. Then it was as if the stars alined with technique, tricks, recipes, and ideas. Together they formed maybe the most perfect cake to date. The “Peanut Butter Cup” cake.  Continue reading

Bravetart: Iconic American Desserts

Cookbook Bravetart

Anyone who knows me knows I love to bake. My obsession started with cake decorating, then quickly shifted focus to chocolate chip cookies and now knows no limits… OK, well I still don’t sculpt sugar or chocolate. So when a new cookbook comes out about baking I think “been there, done that”. There never seems to be much new in the world of good cookbooks on baking. Sure everyone has their twists but they all seem to offer up the same set up recipes, slightly tweaked. Because of this, I tend to steer clear of cookbooks about baking, that was until Stella Park wrote BravetartContinue reading

Peaches ‘n’ Cream Cake

When we think of cake we think of the classics. There’s plain or vanilla cake, there’s chocolate, there’s spice cakes, there’s carrot cake, there’s even red velvet cake but why stop there. Once you find a good cake recipe why not flavor it with whatever tickles your fancy? Well I am doing just that. To start however I need to back up and tell you, if you have been baking cakes from scratch, most likely you’re doing it all wrong. I know, I know… that’s a bold statement but I have learned a few secrets and it as totally changed my cake baking experience!  Continue reading

Tropical Hummingbird Layer Cake

Thumbing through “Bake from Scratch” Magazine I came across a recipe for a Tropical Hummingbird Cake. This grabbed my attention right away. The original “Humming Bird Cake” was something the made a big splash in the 70’s. The actual origins are a bit of an unknown as there are a few different sources that claim they originated the recipe. The most famous of which is a 1978 publication of Southern Living. Since it’s publication it has been reported that it was the most requested recipe by its readers.  Continue reading

Tart, Sweet, and a Little Unexpected… The Perfect Spring Cake

As any follower of my blog knows, we eat a lot of cake here at our house. To keep it interesting I am always looking for a seasonal slant on cake. This means I am always keeping my eyes open for any new and or interesting cakes in all of the food blogs and cookbooks I enjoy. So when I stumbled across a post from Saveur “21 cakes for our 20th birthday” I knew I had to check it out.  Continue reading