Easter and Passover: How to Celebrate Both Through Food Without Overdoing It.

I was raised in a Christian household but we also celebrated some of the big Jewish holidays. We even went through a period of celebrating the sabbath every week. Depending on the time of year it seemed like there was either a heavier emphasis on my Christian upbringing, say like Christmas, or my Jewish heritage, like Passover. We still would celebrate Chanukah and Easter but if I thought of food I would say Christmas and Passover got priority. Then there are times they bleed together. This would best be explained but sharing that our traditional Christmas Eve dinner were, and still are, blintzes.  Continue reading

Busted Braided Bread No More! Troubleshooting a Recipe with Tremendous Success!

The idea seemed simple enough. Make a enriched dough add some amazing flavors. Complete the loaf with braiding and baking. What could go wrong? Well how about everything. It started with the best of intensions. I was going to make a special bread for easter. Time kept getting away from me but I was confident I could still get it done… Continue reading

A Modern Twist on a Timeless Classic: The Seder Plate

For over 30 years I have looked at the Seder plate and wondered why we don’t eat everything on it. If it’s about symbolism and reverence what better way to create a lasting memory than with flavor. Our ability to remember something from a smell or taste is truly remarkable. The taste, the smell, the texture, the feel of the food can not only help you remember but it can almost transport you in time… and after all isn’t that the point of the Seder plate?  Continue reading

Shulchan Orech: Passover Style

One of the things I love about special event dinners is setting the table. I love this so much I have coined the term “tablescaping” primarily because it’s so much more than just setting the table. It’s about height, scale, proportion, theme, and balance of color. So when as Passover was approaching quickly on the calendar I started giving thought as to how I wanted to present my table. Continue reading

My Tips for Eliminating Food Waste.

So this morning I woke to a post on thekitchn.com titled “This is how much you should really be spending on food and groceries”. Then in my Facebook feed there was “4 reasons why Martha & Marley Spoon is America’s best meal kit”. These both play into a growing trend I am seeing on social media and across the web. That trend is about food waste, how to try and eliminate it, and how to be a better shopper. Now, on the surface this is a noble issue to try an adjust but if you spend any time digging into it the issue becomes complicated and frustrating.  Continue reading

Double Checking What You Bought, Menu Planning (Part 4)

Just over a month ago I wrote a post about putting away your groceries. As part of my new shopping strategy I am trying to take more control over my food budget by buying all the meat I need for the months meals all at once.

Yesterday I made my monthly trek to St. Paul to go to my butcher. I had my list prepared and stocked up on what I would need for the month. I should mention at this point of the story that for the last few weeks I have been fighting a cold of some sort and it’s been no fun making me less focused than normal. Well, after what I thought had been a successful day of shopping, my husband and I got home. It had been a longer than usual day with lots of extra stops and all I wanted to do was crash on the sofa with a dog curled up with me.  Continue reading

Successes and Failures, But In The End There Was Cake…

One of the things I love to do in the kitchen is revision a recipe, adjusting the flavors, or presenting the final dish in a new and exciting way. So when we were wrapping up with the Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Icing I started giving thought as to how I wanted to approach the next cake. I started having all sorts of ideas. But what is it they say about the best laid plans?  Continue reading