A Week of Thanksgiving: Portion Control

Forget the stretchy pants, focus on portion control.

If you’re on social media at all during the holidays it’s inevitable that someone will joke “it’s time to break out the stretchy pants” do to all the over the top holiday food. This doesn’t have to be the case. Now, before you get all “but…” hear me out. It’s about portion control. This topic is something that is near and dear to my heart. I love good food. I love butter. I love whole milk and real fat. I love bacon and croissants. I love cake and cookies… and I eat everything I have mentioned and so much more. That said I maintain my weight and even have managed to loose weight. So, how do I do this? Portion control.  Continue reading

The Power of Food

I have been going through a lot of rough personal issues recently, which combined with getting our garden in and the crazy weather we’re having here in the midwest, has been keeping me from blogging. Yesterday however, I was out mowing our acreage thinking about life and everything I am going through right now. Then this thought occurred to me. Thank goodness for amazing food.  Continue reading

A Month of Little to No Blogging…

Wow, what a month. For those who follow my blog you inevitably noticed that I have been unusually quite for nearly a month, but what a month it has been. Rest assured there has been some cooking to share there hasn’t been anywhere near the volume I normally do. Add to a lighter cooking load two of the weeks my husband had been traveling for work and just this last week he took a week of vacation.  Continue reading


I was recently asked, “What is your motivation to make everything so beautiful for just two people?” Since then, I have been thinking a lot about this. There are the short easy answers. “It’s just who I am.” But that doesn’t answer the question. Those who might ask obviously don’t have the same drive that I do. They are genuinely curious. So I gave it more thought. Continue reading

A Work in Progress… Another Step in Perfecting My Lasagna…

Lasagna is not a hard thing to make, but that said it’s a hard thing to perfect. It’s often either the simplest or most familiar dishes that are ones that can take a life time to perfect so each time I make headway on a dish I want to make my own I am going to post about it with the header “A Work in Progress”. This by no means is a completed recipe. There are things that still need a lot of work but it’s something for both myself and anyone interested to watch and follow. Feel free to comment with your thoughts or experiences. Continue reading

Easter and Passover: How to Celebrate Both Through Food Without Overdoing It.

I was raised in a Christian household but we also celebrated some of the big Jewish holidays. We even went through a period of celebrating the sabbath every week. Depending on the time of year it seemed like there was either a heavier emphasis on my Christian upbringing, say like Christmas, or my Jewish heritage, like Passover. We still would celebrate Chanukah and Easter but if I thought of food I would say Christmas and Passover got priority. Then there are times they bleed together. This would best be explained but sharing that our traditional Christmas Eve dinner were, and still are, blintzes.  Continue reading

Busted Braided Bread No More! Troubleshooting a Recipe with Tremendous Success!

The idea seemed simple enough. Make a enriched dough add some amazing flavors. Complete the loaf with braiding and baking. What could go wrong? Well how about everything. It started with the best of intensions. I was going to make a special bread for easter. Time kept getting away from me but I was confident I could still get it done… Continue reading