Triple Ginger Cookies, Great for Holidays but Good Enough for Anytime of Year.

The starting point for this recipe came from Alice Medrich. I played around with the recipe until I got a consistency I enjoyed and worked for the purposes I needed them for. These originally started as a weekend treat for my husband. He used to buy ginger snaps from the Whole Foods bakery that was near us but they stopped carrying them. It then fell to me to find a meaningful alternate. It took a little digging around and a little mucking with the recipe but we ended up with a perfect cookie. Continue reading

Bravetart: Iconic American Desserts

Cookbook Bravetart

Anyone who knows me knows I love to bake. My obsession started with cake decorating, then quickly shifted focus to chocolate chip cookies and now knows no limits… OK, well I still don’t sculpt sugar or chocolate. So when a new cookbook comes out about baking I think “been there, done that”. There never seems to be much new in the world of good cookbooks on baking. Sure everyone has their twists but they all seem to offer up the same set up recipes, slightly tweaked. Because of this, I tend to steer clear of cookbooks about baking, that was until Stella Park wrote BravetartContinue reading

Miette: Recipes From San Francisco’s Most Charming Pastry Shop


Miette is not a huge well known bakery but for those who know it I am sure they love it just as much as I do. It’s a tiny shop with a fun story. It’s based in San Francisco, was created Meg Ray, and is everything you would want in as pastry shop. The store front itself is painted the perfect shade of pink like you are walking into a giant pastry box. Inside the store every treat is meticulously crafted, packaged, and stacked. The hardest part is picking just one or two things to get.  Continue reading

Gingerbread Eggnog Whoopee Pies

When compiling my holiday recipes to plan what I would be cooking this year I came across a recipe in the December 2010 edition of Cuisine at Home magazine for whoopee pies. The recipes were to teach you the basics of both the whoopee pie and the filling and then it encourages you to experiment. To demonstrate the different flavors they had recipes for plain, sweet potato, and gingerbread. They also offered up various fillings. So I picked the Sweet Potato Whoopee Pie with Marshmallow Creme Filling for Thanksgiving and then the Gingerbread Whoopee Pie with Eggnog filling for Christmas.  Continue reading

Cookie Cutter Hacks for Even Thickness and Cooking…

So I have a confession. I am not much of a cookie cutter baker. I love drop cookies. Quick easy, chewy, and you and turn out a lot at once. So having to chill a dough, roll it out, try to get a consistent thickness and then cut out the shape and get a meaningful amount onto a cookie sheet only to get something that usually has “snap” to it doesn’t usually thrill me at all. However, this holiday season I see a cookie cutter cookie design I just had to try. Continue reading