Ditch the PSL and Have Pumpkin Cheesecake Instead!

If you read my final post in the Week of Thanksgiving Series about this cheesecake then you already know that Bravetart is a wealth of baked treats that don’t disappoint. I didn’t think there could be something to surprise and delight me when it came to cheesecake but boy was I wrong. Other than passing the eggs through a fine mesh sieve this recipe is almost too simple, but here’s the thing, simplicity can sometimes offer something oh so much tastier and this cheesecake is that. Continue reading

A Week of Thanksgiving: Bravetart’s Pumpkin Cheesecake

Like this amazing meal and all that went into it this series is finally coming to an end. Although every bite has been delicious and interesting not to mention one to be thankful for, knowing how to end a meal can be overwhelming. When you look into the world of desserts it’s immense and delicious. You have heard the phrase, “save room for dessert” but if you did that with all that is out there you may not eat anything other than dessert. When it comes to Thanksgiving, pie seems to reign supreme but I have to be honest. Pie has never done it for me. It probably goes back to a texture thing for me but all in all I just don’t get excited for pie like I do just about everything else in the dessert category. Then the question remains what do you do instead?  Continue reading

A Week of Thanksgiving: Garden Bounty

Although for many, if not most, Thanksgiving is long since gone I am still reflecting on it, making all my notes for next year, and sharing my insights. Of all the things that I was thankful for this year on my Thanksgiving table this soup is one that holds a special place for me. Now, I am not a huge soup lover and puréed vegetable soups can sometimes be unpleasant but this Butternut Squash Soup was a winner on many levels.  Continue reading

Designing Featured Images

When working on launching my blog I discovered that I would have to do a lot of custom artwork for my blog. The template I picked out allowed me to put featured images on pages and categories. This was going to be the image that would be seen before a reader picked a post to read. That meant the image needed to be something that captured the essence of what the reader might encounter.  Continue reading