Designing Featured Images

When working on launching my blog I discovered that I would have to do a lot of custom artwork for my blog. The template I picked out allowed me to put featured images on pages and categories. This was going to be the image that would be seen before a reader picked a post to read. That meant the image needed to be something that captured the essence of what the reader might encounter.  Continue reading

Food Caricatures?

Working on my blog I keep running into situations that need “featured images” and or course I have to come up with something that reflects me as an artist.

I didn’t want to do pictures of dishes I have made since they will get their own posts when when having categories to sort through my posts I want images to support the categories. That’s when I came up with the idea for “food caricatures”.  Continue reading

Persimmon Pudding Cake with Ginger Walnut Frosting

I love to bake as much as I love to cook. I actually get my start in baking. Growing up my mom often decorated elaborate cakes for various events and parties. I would watch her for hours as she artfully crafted her cakes. On simpler things like gingerbread men she would have me help her which I thought was great fun. It was even something she eventually had her grandkids help with.  Continue reading

About the Persimmon

Fall starts bringing in new rich and flavorful produce just as exciting as spring and summer, however most people don’t think of fall as being abundant in new produce. This is understandable because when you start talking about pomegranates, persimmons, escarole, radicchio, habanero, and even wild plants like burdock, most people I talk to even start to look lost.

They know it all sounds interesting but what is it? What do you do with it? Can’t I just keep using what feels “safe”? I think a safe place to start is with the persimmon. It’s a fascinating fruit but there are some things you need to know. First off there are different kinds and rather than getting in depth about the differences lets just talk about the Fuyu Persimmon. This is a firm fruit and you can do a lot more with it. The skin can be a bit tough but this fruit can be treated almost like an apple. You can just pick it up and eat it or you can slice it up and dry it, bake it, roast it and so on. Continue reading