Sous Vide Cod with Beluga Lentils, Squid Ink, and a Seared Side Salad

I should warn you now you are going to be reading a lot of future posts about sous vide. This may seem like some many modernist cuisine technique that you’re not interested in but you’d be surprised to learn that this cooking technique will not only wow everyone you cook for but ensures perfect results every time. If that’s not enough of a pitch I have one more. If you have ever used a crockpot or a pressure cooker to make cooking easier sous vide is just as easy if not even easier.  Continue reading

Falafel Fattoush: The Perfect Spring Salad

Salads are a tricky business. The idea should be… hmm, could be… how about, ought to be… healthy. Yet once you load them up with all the toppings the “healthy” aspect has kinda gone out the window. I should interject here that if you’re not wanting a healthy salad then go for the good stuff! I love salads with meats, cheeses, and rich dressings but if you’re wanting something on the healthy side look no further. Best part of Molly Yeh‘s Falafel Fattoush? You’d never think of this as a “healthy” salad.  Continue reading

Kamut Oatmeal with Rose Mallow & Strawberry

In my husbands efforts for a healthier living and digestion started looking to whole grains for breakfast. Since breakfast wasn’t something I normally ate he just made it “functional food” meaning he would cook a big pot of grains with some nuts and dried fruit along with some chia and flax meal. He would package it up and freeze it. Then for breakfast he would thaw one, warm it in the microwave and then pour some cold milk on it to loosen the thick clump of grains. These breakfast weren’t necessarily tasty, they we’re functional.  Continue reading

Final Batch of Winter Oatmeal, What’s Next?

Starting last fall I began crafting season breakfasts, more specifically oatmeals. In fall there was a Quinoa Oatmeal with Persimmons and Pears and in winter there was Teff Oatmeal with Chocolate, Chestnuts, and Winter Fruits. With winter wrapping up this month (for seasonal cooking I use a 4 quarter calendar rather than the “official” start and end of seasons) I just put together out last back of the teff oatmeal. This got me to thinking, what’s next?

Continue reading

Teff Oatmeal with Chocolate, Chestnuts, and Winter Fruits

Seasonal oatmeals are one of my newest fascinations. Why does oatmeal have to be that same thing day after day. With so many whole grains, fruits, and nuts there are tons of flavor combinations. For fall I came up with a quinoa oatmeal with persimmons and pears. Now with winter here it all of its bitter cold it’s time to think about warm and cozy winter oatmeal.  Continue reading