Discovering a New Way to Use Cookbooks and Recipes

Two years ago I delved into Tyler Florences’ Inside the Test Kitchen. In it, he had a recipe for Seared Pork Chops with Creamed Kale and Fennel Apricot Salad. This was a tasty dish but left me wanting. One of my issues with this dish was the creamed kale. There was nothing wrong with the recipe, it’s just as a personal thing I have issues with the texture. All in all though this dish was inspirational‚Ķ and that’s when it hit me: Use recipes as flavor pairing inspirations.¬† Continue reading

Cauliflower I Would Eat Every Day

A while back I got a cookbook called Six Seasons: A New Way with Vegetables. Part of what had prompted getting this book was my husbands loving but repetitive “we need to eat more vegetables”. What you need to know was that I was cooking with lots of vegetables but they often weren’t the star of the show. So when Joshua McFadden put out this well structured cookbook with new and interesting vegetable recipes I was intrigued. Now, having done a few recipes from this book I am absolutely hooked.

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