Mediterranean Chicken with Zucchini and Mushrooms

Expanding your skills can lead to new and more interesting dishes and meals for the family. Three years ago I thought of myself as an OK cook and a pretty decent baker. Recipes didn’t scare me off and I was willing to try anything. So when I saw a recipe in Fine Cooking Magazine (issue 91) for this dish I was intrigued. It was ok but I wasn’t a fan of how any of it was cooked. The original recipe called for red perl onions, mushrooms with the stems trimmed off, and zucchini cut into half inch moon pieces. The chicken it called for was a whole chicken cut into eight pieces and other than making a sauce and a glaze the whole thing baked in the oven.  Continue reading

Capturing the Essence of Spring

I spend a lot of time thinking about food. More specifically ingredients. I want the best. Who doesn’t? On problem is the cost. High quality ingredients cost more. One way to help with this is knowing when they are in season and where they are grown. If you can buy produce in season from a local grower it might be a little more than you’d pay in the grocery store but even that isn’t always true. What’s great about buying it from the grower is it’s picked usually the day you buy it meaning you get the best flavor that produce could have ever had. Now, add to that knowing when it “should” be in season and you get the best of what both the grower and nature have to offer.  Continue reading

Chicken Pho

My husband absolutely loves Pho. So when I heard Andrea Nguyen interviewed on Splendid Table about her cookbook, The Pho Cookbook: Easy to Adventurous Recipes for Vietnam’s Favorite Soup and Noodles, I knew this was a must buy cookbook. Although it’s not the most well written cookbook I have ever seen it gives you huge bang for your buck. The book is only $15 and gives you everything from chicken, beef, seafood, and vegetarian options for Pho. As the title describes there are recipes for all pallets.  Continue reading

A Month of Little to No Blogging…

Wow, what a month. For those who follow my blog you inevitably noticed that I have been unusually quite for nearly a month, but what a month it has been. Rest assured there has been some cooking to share there hasn’t been anywhere near the volume I normally do. Add to a lighter cooking load two of the weeks my husband had been traveling for work and just this last week he took a week of vacation.  Continue reading

The Best Things Come to Those Who Wait…

So I have had this image in my head for a while now of a perfect fried chicken dinner. One with juicy well seasoned pieces of chicken, a nice creamy coleslaw, and tender biscuits. The problem was I have never made fried chicken before. I have seen it done a few times but the results were just OK. They weren’t hitting the flavor and texture notes I had in my head. So when I set out to try my had at my first attempt at fried chicken I knew there were only two places to look and interestingly only one had a recipe for fried chicken and that was Sean Brock’s: HeritageContinue reading

Lunch, a Delightful Balance Between Jewish and Chinese Flavors in Schnitzel Bao!

When looking for a lunch for this week I was drawn to another Molly Yeh recipe. It was for Schnitzel Bao with Sriracha Mayo and Sesame Pickles. In her recipe she shaped her bao into something that resembled more of a taco but being short on time and not having much luck with the shaping we opted for a a more traditional shaped bao. What really stands out about this recipe is the balance of flavor. It’s a perfect balance of sweet, salty, tangy, crispy, soft, and meaty. Continue reading

Tart, Sweet, and a Little Unexpected… The Perfect Spring Cake

As any follower of my blog knows, we eat a lot of cake here at our house. To keep it interesting I am always looking for a seasonal slant on cake. This means I am always keeping my eyes open for any new and or interesting cakes in all of the food blogs and cookbooks I enjoy. So when I stumbled across a post from Saveur “21 cakes for our 20th birthday” I knew I had to check it out.  Continue reading

Not Your Average Matzo Ball Soup…

Becoming a good cook is all about the basics. I would say if you’re wanting to work on your cooking skills start with chicken stock. Learning to make a good chicken stock will change so many of your dishes and will give you a depth of flavor that no store bought version can offer. If you’re wanting to become a good Jewish cook then you need to learn how to make a good matzo ball soup. Not only is this maybe one of the most iconic Jewish dishes but it’s great for formal or informal meals and again it’s something that you can really make your own. The key to both is patience and time. Continue reading

Flash-Fried Lamb with Leeks and Sichuan Crisp Fried Mushrooms

Breaking out the deep-fryer… This weekends Asian inspired dinner showcases some great reasons why everyone should have a deep-fryer in their kitchen arsenal. When most people think of deep-fried foods they think it’s drenched in oil, super fatty, and bad for you. Though there are good reasons for this the concept of cooking submerged in oil also has benefits. The biggest of which is speed!  Continue reading