Aronofsky Creations 2017 Passover Menu

I have been running behind on my post of what I have been cooking this week. Fear not, I will get caught up. I have some fun dishes to write about. What’s been keeping me too busy to post is finalizing my Passover menu. This meal of all the ones I do throughout the year is the one I put the most work into. I do amuse bouche’s, mains, sides, desserts, and coordinate other meals that week around that theme as well. After much thought and reflection I have my menu finalized and my grocery list put together. Now let the prep begin! Continue reading

Rosewater & Pistachio Vanilla Cake

Yesterday I wrote a post about my struggle to produce my latest cake. The goal was a harmonious blend of rose, pistachio, strawberry and vanilla. After struggling with my cake batter and then again with my buttercream I was feeling defeated. Then, last night I just into it for the first time and boy was I surprised when it was much better than I feared. In all actuality it was pretty awesome. This attempt was all about flavor and flavor was what I got.  Continue reading

Kamut Oatmeal with Rose Mallow & Strawberry

In my husbands efforts for a healthier living and digestion started looking to whole grains for breakfast. Since breakfast wasn’t something I normally ate he just made it “functional food” meaning he would cook a big pot of grains with some nuts and dried fruit along with some chia and flax meal. He would package it up and freeze it. Then for breakfast he would thaw one, warm it in the microwave and then pour some cold milk on it to loosen the thick clump of grains. These breakfast weren’t necessarily tasty, they we’re functional.  Continue reading