Decorating for the Holidays Requires a Plan and a Strategy…

Decorating your house for the holidays is something that many of us do. Those who it falls to can often feel like this is a massive undertaking and, well, it is. Year after year it goes up. Most likely we add to it and then it comes down. The following year it’s even more work to put up and that cycle just continues. Heck, there have even been years when I question wether it’s worth all the work. This was almost one of those years it didn’t go up at all but then I made myself do it and you should too.  Continue reading

As If Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Weren’t Indulgent Enough…

I could try to make arguments that there’s nutrition in mashed potatoes and even gravy for that matter but even I’ll admit that they aren’t necessarily the most nutritious thing to put on a plate. That said go the route of Pomme Purée and Giblet Gravy and it’s taking it to a level of indulgence that might cause embarrassing sounds of enjoyment around the dinner table.  Continue reading

Broccoli and Beef, a Great Combination

I can remember whenever my family when to the local Chinese Restaraunt my dad would always order Broccoli Beef as one of the dishes to share. This worked well as I would eat all the beef and my sister would eat all the broccoli. This dish for me is quite nostalgic. So when I saw a recipe for it pop up in Josh Mcfadden’s Six Seasons I was intrigued. Add to that it was topped with a Capper Raisin vinaigrette which certainly peaked my curiosity. It seems only fitting that this ended up being the post on my Dads birthday… Continue reading

Seder Plate Amuse Bouche: Chazeret with Matzo

The horseradish sandwich. This strikes strong memories for anyone in my family and/or anyone who has attended our families Seder. Here’s the idea if you’re not familiar… The leader of the Seder will take a piece of matzo from the three stacked on the table. Then they will break it up in to bite sized pieces. Then they will use two pieces to scoop up a small bit of horseradish and sandwich it between the two pieces. These are then passed out to everyone in attendance. Together you all eat your sandwiches. This is a part of the actual Seder where you are learning about the items on the Seder Plate and of their symbolism. This is a remembrance of the bitterness and harshness of slavery.  Continue reading

Tzibbele Vegetable Kugel with Spice Blends

Kugel. What is it? It seems like there’s every flavor of kugel imaginable. There are sweet kugels and there are savory kugels. For all account farfel was introduced about 800 years ago to the mix by the Germans; then eventually eggs were added. From there it continued to grow and evolve. Essentially kugel is an bake egg casserole or pudding. Heck even that can leave the definition seeming ambiguous. So sticking with what I knew about kugel and trying to stick to the spirit of the farfel kugel I grew up with I set out on trying to resolve some of my issues when it comes to farfel kugel.  Continue reading

Hands Down the Best Mac ‘n’ Cheese I Have Ever Had…

It seems like everyone has some twist on homemade mac and cheese. It wasn’t until I stumbled across this recipe in Heston Blumenthal at Home that I knew I was going to have to try my hand at making one. What got me was the name. Cauliflower Mac ‘n’ Cheese. This did NOT sound good to me, but trusting Heston I forged ahead. The result was simply amazing. This is now my all time favorite Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Continue reading

Cumin Beef with Sweet & Sour Zucchini

When trying to figure out a realistic menu plan I was constantly stumped with the weekends. Saturday’s we spend the day shopping for the coming week and are gone a good chunk of the day. Then Sunday’s were doing most of the food prep for the coming weeks lunches and dinners. So cooking even more on the weekends seemed a challenge. Through much discussion with my husband we had two epiphanies. The first was he wanted to cook dinner for us one night a week. Both to up his kitchen skills as well as to give me a break from all the cooking. The second was Asian cuisine seemed like the answer as most of it has a quick cook time. Continue reading

Stuffed Flank Steak with Bell Peppers and Spring Onions

What’s for dinner in the final week of beef? How about one last roulade. Yeah, I know I have been kinda stuck on roulades but they are a fun way to dress up an ordinary piece of meat. For this dinner it all starts with a flank steak that’s been marinaded. Next, you make a mixture of hash browns, sautéed bell peppers, and a few kicks of spice that gets slathered on the flattened out beef. Finally it’s topped it with jack cheese, a bunch of spring onions on it, roll it up and tie it up, and roast it. Well, that WAS the idea but this recipe was full of issues but in the end I still had a VERY tasty piece of beef.  Continue reading

Pastrami on Rye!

You can almost hear it being shouted in a Jewish deli. You can make this as a traditional sandwich or an open faced sandwich but it’s as simple as a thick slice of rye bread some spicy mustard and then layer after layer of pastrami. I mean really, does it get any better?

When I first got The Gefilte Manifesto and saw they had a recipe for Home Cured Pastrami I was like “Hey, Lou! I need a Pastrami on Rye!” Of course I said this in my head with a thick east coast accent and no, no idea why I thought his name should be Lou. My point is this. It sparked imagination. It sparked flavors. It sparked tradition and culture. This had to happen!  Continue reading