Broccoli and Beef, a Great Combination

I can remember whenever my family when to the local Chinese Restaraunt my dad would always order Broccoli Beef as one of the dishes to share. This worked well as I would eat all the beef and my sister would eat all the broccoli. This dish for me is quite nostalgic. So when I saw a recipe for it pop up in Josh Mcfadden’s Six Seasons I was intrigued. Add to that it was topped with a Capper Raisin vinaigrette which certainly peaked my curiosity. It seems only fitting that this ended up being the post on my Dads birthday… Continue reading

Hands Down the Best Mac ‘n’ Cheese I Have Ever Had…

It seems like everyone has some twist on homemade mac and cheese. It wasn’t until I stumbled across this recipe in Heston Blumenthal at Home that I knew I was going to have to try my hand at making one. What got me was the name. Cauliflower Mac ‘n’ Cheese. This did NOT sound good to me, but trusting Heston I forged ahead. The result was simply amazing. This is now my all time favorite Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Continue reading

Cumin Beef with Sweet & Sour Zucchini

When trying to figure out a realistic menu plan I was constantly stumped with the weekends. Saturday’s we spend the day shopping for the coming week and are gone a good chunk of the day. Then Sunday’s were doing most of the food prep for the coming weeks lunches and dinners. So cooking even more on the weekends seemed a challenge. Through much discussion with my husband we had two epiphanies. The first was he wanted to cook dinner for us one night a week. Both to up his kitchen skills as well as to give me a break from all the cooking. The second was Asian cuisine seemed like the answer as most of it has a quick cook time. Continue reading

Stuffed Flank Steak with Bell Peppers and Spring Onions

What’s for dinner in the final week of beef? How about one last roulade. Yeah, I know I have been kinda stuck on roulades but they are a fun way to dress up an ordinary piece of meat. For this dinner it all starts with a flank steak that’s been marinaded. Next, you make a mixture of hash browns, sautéed bell peppers, and a few kicks of spice that gets slathered on the flattened out beef. Finally it’s topped it with jack cheese, a bunch of spring onions on it, roll it up and tie it up, and roast it. Well, that WAS the idea but this recipe was full of issues but in the end I still had a VERY tasty piece of beef.  Continue reading

Pastrami on Rye!

You can almost hear it being shouted in a Jewish deli. You can make this as a traditional sandwich or an open faced sandwich but it’s as simple as a thick slice of rye bread some spicy mustard and then layer after layer of pastrami. I mean really, does it get any better?

When I first got The Gefilte Manifesto and saw they had a recipe for Home Cured Pastrami I was like “Hey, Lou! I need a Pastrami on Rye!” Of course I said this in my head with a thick east coast accent and no, no idea why I thought his name should be Lou. My point is this. It sparked imagination. It sparked flavors. It sparked tradition and culture. This had to happen!  Continue reading

Home-cured Pastrami

Maybe my all time favorite meat is pastrami. There’s something about the flavor of the beef, the strong seasoned crust, and the smokiness. What I find interesting is that it’s not well known to most, nor is it the superstar in sandwich meat category that I think it should be but I think I am partial to cured meats. So when I came across a home cured pastrami in The Gefilte Manifesto I got excited. VERY excited.  Continue reading

Reinventing a Recipe. An Update to Surf and Turf.

A couple years ago I came across a recipe in Cuisine at Home for Stuffed Filet Mignon Oscar with Crabmeat Filling. I made this recipe as my alternative Thanksgiving. I had been looking for something that would be “special” enough to take the place of the classic dinner. The meal was fantastic but was too much, both in volume and in price. A filet mignon can be an amazing piece of meat but with it’s price you should have it be the star and not covered in layers of other equally delicious flavors.

stuffed-filet-mignon-oscar Continue reading

The Gordita Reinvisioned

When my husband and I decided to get in shape and start eating better we looked at what foods we love and if there were options to make them healthier at home. Well, spoiler alert, almost anything you make at home will be healthier than if you order out. One of the things we loved at the time was Chipotle. Specifically their burrito bowls. I started thinking about how I might be able to make these at home as an easy “take to work” lunch. Our first attempt was a disaster. Wet, soggy, and unappetizing. I gave it some more thought, removed one of the ingredients (corn), and re-shuffled the layer order. Presto! We had a winner. Continue reading

Slow-Cooked or Stir-Fried, This Meal was a Perfect Weekend Treat

Have you ever heard of tofu “bamboo”? How about dried shrimp? I hadn’t either. This is one of the many aspects I love about cooking asian dishes. I put together my grocery list from the recipes I selected and then head off the the Asian Food Store. There I wonder through the isles looking at all of these new and different ingredients. Half I can’t even read the label and a large amount have no label! Thankfully after many trips to this store the owner recognizes us and happily takes us from item to item. The result? Delicious, interesting, authentic, and exciting tastes, textures, and flavor.  Continue reading

Beef and Turnip Stew with Red Russian Kale

I first made this beef stew last year. This simple and delicious stew is very forgiving and flexible. The original recipe came form Williams Sonoma Soup of the Day cookbook. It was featured as their October 14th recipe. I say this recipe is forgiving because it specifically calls for “1 bunch of turnips with their greens still attached”. I don’t know about you but I don’t know the last time I saw a “bunch” of turnips. What I love is that you can use any root veggie you want. Heck, you could do a medley. Continue reading