As If Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Weren’t Indulgent Enough…

I could try to make arguments that there’s nutrition in mashed potatoes and even gravy for that matter but even I’ll admit that they aren’t necessarily the most nutritious thing to put on a plate. That said go the route of Pomme Purée and Giblet Gravy and it’s taking it to a level of indulgence that might cause embarrassing sounds of enjoyment around the dinner table.  Continue reading

Seder Plate Amuse Bouche: Chazeret with Matzo

The horseradish sandwich. This strikes strong memories for anyone in my family and/or anyone who has attended our families Seder. Here’s the idea if you’re not familiar… The leader of the Seder will take a piece of matzo from the three stacked on the table. Then they will break it up in to bite sized pieces. Then they will use two pieces to scoop up a small bit of horseradish and sandwich it between the two pieces. These are then passed out to everyone in attendance. Together you all eat your sandwiches. This is a part of the actual Seder where you are learning about the items on the Seder Plate and of their symbolism. This is a remembrance of the bitterness and harshness of slavery.  Continue reading

Tzibbele Vegetable Kugel with Spice Blends

Kugel. What is it? It seems like there’s every flavor of kugel imaginable. There are sweet kugels and there are savory kugels. For all account farfel was introduced about 800 years ago to the mix by the Germans; then eventually eggs were added. From there it continued to grow and evolve. Essentially kugel is an bake egg casserole or pudding. Heck even that can leave the definition seeming ambiguous. So sticking with what I knew about kugel and trying to stick to the spirit of the farfel kugel I grew up with I set out on trying to resolve some of my issues when it comes to farfel kugel.  Continue reading

Reinventing a Recipe. An Update to Surf and Turf.

A couple years ago I came across a recipe in Cuisine at Home for Stuffed Filet Mignon Oscar with Crabmeat Filling. I made this recipe as my alternative Thanksgiving. I had been looking for something that would be “special” enough to take the place of the classic dinner. The meal was fantastic but was too much, both in volume and in price. A filet mignon can be an amazing piece of meat but with it’s price you should have it be the star and not covered in layers of other equally delicious flavors.

stuffed-filet-mignon-oscar Continue reading

Beef and Turnip Stew with Red Russian Kale

I first made this beef stew last year. This simple and delicious stew is very forgiving and flexible. The original recipe came form Williams Sonoma Soup of the Day cookbook. It was featured as their October 14th recipe. I say this recipe is forgiving because it specifically calls for “1 bunch of turnips with their greens still attached”. I don’t know about you but I don’t know the last time I saw a “bunch” of turnips. What I love is that you can use any root veggie you want. Heck, you could do a medley. Continue reading