A Week of Thanksgiving: The Ferndale Turkey

Recently I was reading a book In Winters Kitchen. In it the author talks about key foods, her relation to them and the journey she took in finding them locally in Minnesota. The book also goes into a lot of major farming issues but we won’t get into that. The irony is I have been pacing myself through this book for a while, digesting each chapter, so to speak. It just so happened that I read the chapter on Turkey in October. In it I learned a lot about Ferndale Market, how they have been farming turkey for over70 years, and how their son, upon returning from college, came home only to discover that their turkeys were not identifiable in stores due to the fact that all the turkeys were being process in the same place. This lead him on a journey to create Ferndale Market. This is a small shop on the farm itself that not only features their turkeys but it also features only midwestern purveyors mainly Minnesota but also a few Wisconsin and Iowa purveyors as well.  Continue reading

The Breville Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

Many of us have become espresso drinkers in over the last decade. People who don’t like coffee even seek out this delicious beverage. However getting good espresso is not always easy and if you want good espresso at home that can be even harder. However if you’re willing to make the investment this espresso machine takes all of the headache out of the process and gives you delicious espresso with each pull.  Continue reading

INS-P-I-R-A-TION Find Out What it Means to Me

Inspiration. What is it? Where does it come from? Does everyone have it? Can everyone access it? I think one of the things I love when looking more into what is it was the phrase: being mentally stimulated to feel something. I think most people would assume inspiration is only for the creative. Heck, even in the definition it ends with “especially to do something creative”. This bothers me a little. Inspiration hits us all. It hits us to the core of who we are. I don’t think it’s about that you have to take action on you inspirations but it’s the deep feeling that resinates with you to your core.  Continue reading

Technology in the Kitchen

Does technology have a place in the kitchen? You might think this is an easy answer but I don’t think there is a single more debated kitchen question. Some of our most celebrated chefs are adamant about it being a natural of a process and cook with nothing but fire. Some take it to a mind altering extent and bring science and technology together to transform ingredients into marvels and wonders, but where does that leave the home cook? Continue reading

A Good Quality Knife

Knives are maybe the most personal choice for any chef or home cook. There are tons to choose from. How do you choose? There are German, Japanese, American, and on and on… There are high-carbon steel, there are ceramic, stainless steel, and more. Then there are wood handles, plastic handles, flat handles, round handles and so much more… It can be overwhelming.  Continue reading

Pure, Clean, and Essential to Great Food

Salt. This is essential, not only to great tasting food but to our very survival. We as humans need salt. It is an essential nutrient. It can enhance or balance flavor. It can bring out subtle nuances or it can marry flavors together. It can be used to draw moisture out and it can be used to preserve. However, we don’t often think about the salt we use. Salt is just salt, right? Well, yes and no. Continue reading