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Welcome to my kitchen. I may not be here right now but please, feel free to snoop.

Curious about what my must have tools are? Maybe you want to know, just how many food storage containers does he really have and does he actually have all the matching lids?

You could be wondering what kind of vanilla extract I use or whats in my fridge that I need to use. You may be looking for my go to recipes. Some I have written and devised and some I reviewed and tested but they are the ones I use regularly.

I will be developing this page to allow you the reader to feel like you can get a peek inside even if I am not here. Have fun!

Red Cooked Chicken with Chestnuts April 29, 2017 - This dish caught my eye early on in the spring season. Yet again Phoenix Claws and Jade Trees offered another unique flavor combination that I couldn’t pass up. With having been using chestnuts through the holiday season I became fascinated on how to use these both in sweet and savory applications. So when I encountered … Continue reading Red Cooked Chicken with Chestnuts
Lunch, a Delightful Balance Between Jewish and Chinese Flavors in Schnitzel Bao! April 28, 2017 - When looking for a lunch for this week I was drawn to another Molly Yeh recipe. It was for Schnitzel Bao with Sriracha Mayo and Sesame Pickles. In her recipe she shaped her bao into something that resembled more of a taco but being short on time and not having much luck with the shaping … Continue reading Lunch, a Delightful Balance Between Jewish and Chinese Flavors in Schnitzel Bao!
Tart, Sweet, and a Little Unexpected… The Perfect Spring Cake April 26, 2017 - As any follower of my blog knows, we eat a lot of cake here at our house. To keep it interesting I am always looking for a seasonal slant on cake. This means I am always keeping my eyes open for any new and or interesting cakes in all of the food blogs and cookbooks … Continue reading Tart, Sweet, and a Little Unexpected… The Perfect Spring Cake
Not Your Average Matzo Ball Soup… April 25, 2017 - Becoming a good cook is all about the basics. I would say if you’re wanting to work on your cooking skills start with chicken stock. Learning to make a good chicken stock will change so many of your dishes and will give you a depth of flavor that no store bought version can offer. If … Continue reading Not Your Average Matzo Ball Soup…
Flash-Fried Lamb with Leeks and Sichuan Crisp Fried Mushrooms April 24, 2017 - Breaking out the deep-fryer… This weekends Asian inspired dinner showcases some great reasons why everyone should have a deep-fryer in their kitchen arsenal. When most people think of deep-fried foods they think it’s drenched in oil, super fatty, and bad for you. Though there are good reasons for this the concept of cooking submerged in … Continue reading Flash-Fried Lamb with Leeks and Sichuan Crisp Fried Mushrooms
Quick and Easy, Coconut Macaroons April 21, 2017 - A favorite tradition of mine during Passover is coconut macaroons. This are not the fiddly Parisian almond treats but instead this mountain of coconut. The tradition is one that my grandfather started, well, at least to the best of my recollection. When he started attending our family Seder he would always come with a can … Continue reading Quick and Easy, Coconut Macaroons
Chicken Caesar Salad April 20, 2017 - Last week was so busy with Passover I never got to posting about my go-to lunch for the week of Passover. This lunch is quick and easy and the only special equipment you need is a good blender. Word to the wise: If you are going to be spending time around people after eating it … Continue reading Chicken Caesar Salad
Busted Braided Bread No More! Troubleshooting a Recipe with Tremendous Success! April 17, 2017 - The idea seemed simple enough. Make a enriched dough add some amazing flavors. Complete the loaf with braiding and baking. What could go wrong? Well how about everything. It started with the best of intensions. I was going to make a special bread for easter. Time kept getting away from me but I was confident … Continue reading Busted Braided Bread No More! Troubleshooting a Recipe with Tremendous Success!
Rustic and Elegant: My Passover Salad April 14, 2017 - When looking for a new Passover salad I quickly discovered a huge gap in cookbooks. Where are all the salads to compliment a dinner. There are tons of recipes for salads that are meant to be a meal but where are the ones meant to be a side salad or the salad corse of a … Continue reading Rustic and Elegant: My Passover Salad
Seder Plate Amuse Bouche: Beitzah with Karpas April 12, 2017 - On the Seder plate there are two items. The romaine lettuce or “Karpas” and the roasted hard-boiled egg or “Beitzah” of the two typically you only eat the Karpas. This is actually the first thing you eat during the Seder. It is dipped into a bowl of salt water. The salt water dripping off the … Continue reading Seder Plate Amuse Bouche: Beitzah with Karpas
Seder Plate Amuse Bouche: Zeroa April 12, 2017 - On the Seder plate this would be the shank bone. I grew up in one the the families that treated it as something not eaten or handled. However in Jewish culture that was not always the case. The shank bone came from the time of the lamb being offered to the Jewish Temple as the … Continue reading Seder Plate Amuse Bouche: Zeroa
Seder Plate Amuse Bouche: Chazeret with Matzo April 11, 2017 - The horseradish sandwich. This strikes strong memories for anyone in my family and/or anyone who has attended our families Seder. Here’s the idea if you’re not familiar… The leader of the Seder will take a piece of matzo from the three stacked on the table. Then they will break it up in to bite sized … Continue reading Seder Plate Amuse Bouche: Chazeret with Matzo
Tzibbele Vegetable Kugel with Spice Blends April 11, 2017 - Kugel. What is it? It seems like there’s every flavor of kugel imaginable. There are sweet kugels and there are savory kugels. For all account farfel was introduced about 800 years ago to the mix by the Germans; then eventually eggs were added. From there it continued to grow and evolve. Essentially kugel is an … Continue reading Tzibbele Vegetable Kugel with Spice Blends
To Buy or Not To Buy Matzo, That is the Question… April 10, 2017 - When thinking about todays post I was thinking about all the things I have been prepping for days. Sauces, fillings, stocks, schmaltz are just a few things I have been working on. However, those of us who grew up with the tradition of Passover and/or a full on Seder all have one thing in common, … Continue reading To Buy or Not To Buy Matzo, That is the Question…
Falafel Fattoush: The Perfect Spring Salad April 5, 2017 - Salads are a tricky business. The idea should be… hmm, could be… how about, ought to be… healthy. Yet once you load them up with all the toppings the “healthy” aspect has kinda gone out the window. I should interject here that if you’re not wanting a healthy salad then go for the good stuff! … Continue reading Falafel Fattoush: The Perfect Spring Salad
Shepherd’s Pie: A Complex Recipe That Offers Exquisite Taste and Texture April 4, 2017 - You can not have a spring dinner that features lamb without at some point having shepherd’s pie. So this week dinner was just that but this is no quick 30 minute meal. This is time consuming, this is painstaking patience, this is indulgence. However in my opinion it’s worth every bit of it and who … Continue reading Shepherd’s Pie: A Complex Recipe That Offers Exquisite Taste and Texture
Lemon Debutante Cake April 3, 2017 - I am on a journey to learn more cakes, to learn new techniques, and to end up with at least a dozen different cakes that all taste equally amazing but where do you start? For years I had been doing a white cake that included white chocolate in the batter. I enjoy this cake but … Continue reading Lemon Debutante Cake
Miso Lime Chicken Salad March 31, 2017 - A couple years ago I a renewed inspiration in my passion of cooking and baking. With this renewed focus I started purchasing cookbooks in heaps. One of the first books I got was one called Keepers by Kathy Brennan & Caroline Campion. The concept is quite clever it’s recipes are all “keepers” ones that as … Continue reading Miso Lime Chicken Salad
Kurdish Fried Chicken with Black Rice and Kerchief Flatbreads from Kurdistan March 30, 2017 - Dinner this week I again turned to Taste of Persia. It was made of three main components chicken, rice and bread. Sounds simple enough but it wasn’t without it’s challenges. There was some scratching of the head and even a bit of harsh language directed at the recipes but in the end it was another … Continue reading Kurdish Fried Chicken with Black Rice and Kerchief Flatbreads from Kurdistan
Aronofsky Creations 2017 Passover Menu March 29, 2017 - I have been running behind on my post of what I have been cooking this week. Fear not, I will get caught up. I have some fun dishes to write about. What’s been keeping me too busy to post is finalizing my Passover menu. This meal of all the ones I do throughout the year … Continue reading Aronofsky Creations 2017 Passover Menu
Next to NO Waste, Menu Planning and Time Management are Key. March 28, 2017 - If the saying goes “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”, then I would posit “give a home cook all the ingredients in a box to make a single meal and you feed him for the night; teach … Continue reading Next to NO Waste, Menu Planning and Time Management are Key.
The Secret of Blueberry Muffins is All in The Topping March 27, 2017 - Blueberry muffins are a sensory memory for me that go quite aways back. When I was a kid and we would go visit my maternal grandparents.The first morning we were there my grandmother always made a batch of blueberry muffins. It was something right out of a Norman Rockwell painting to wake up to the … Continue reading The Secret of Blueberry Muffins is All in The Topping
My Tips for Eliminating Food Waste. March 24, 2017 - So this morning I woke to a post on titled “This is how much you should really be spending on food and groceries”. Then in my Facebook feed there was “4 reasons why Martha & Marley Spoon is America’s best meal kit”. These both play into a growing trend I am seeing on social … Continue reading My Tips for Eliminating Food Waste.
Moroccan Lamb Burgers with Quinoa Tabbouleh March 23, 2017 - I discovered this recipe in Williams Sonoma’s cookbook Two in the Kitchen. In it they have a whole section on “Supper for Two”. This is an invaluable section of any cookbook. Being that it’s just my husband and myself I am always grateful for recipes that are tailored for two but these recipes are also … Continue reading Moroccan Lamb Burgers with Quinoa Tabbouleh
Roasted Chicken with Barley and Vegetables March 22, 2017 - If you have read my blog you know I am a huge fan of The Gefilte Manifesto. Not many cookbooks can have hit after hit. I am usually happy with a cookbook if I get 3-4 successful recipes. With this book though I have yet to have a miss. I am up to eight amazing … Continue reading Roasted Chicken with Barley and Vegetables
Braised Lamb with Jujubes… No, Not the Candy… March 21, 2017 - Anyone who wants to know why I cook so many regions just needs to look in my pantry and in my spice drawer. Being able to go from Ashkenazi to Persian, then Chinese, to German, and on and on keeps the meals as well as the preparation interesting and exciting. So when I came across … Continue reading Braised Lamb with Jujubes… No, Not the Candy…
Tips and a New(ish) Recipe For a Better Waffle March 20, 2017 - Getting from point A to point B is never a straight line. There’s a journey. Being able to look back on that journey and see all the turning points can be fun and interesting to see how small things lead to big changes. This waffle recipe was one of those things. 
This Weeks Lunch? Chicken Tacos with Kale and Salsa Verde! March 15, 2017 - Last week for much we I made Lamb Barbacoa. The dish was complex and delicious so this week I opted for a different direction. Chicken Tacos. These were simple and took minimal work but what they lacked for in complexity in technique in making them they made up for in taste. 
Hands Down the Best Mac ‘n’ Cheese I Have Ever Had… March 15, 2017 - It seems like everyone has some twist on homemade mac and cheese. It wasn’t until I stumbled across this recipe in Heston Blumenthal at Home that I knew I was going to have to try my hand at making one. What got me was the name. Cauliflower Mac ‘n’ Cheese. This did NOT sound good … Continue reading Hands Down the Best Mac ‘n’ Cheese I Have Ever Had…
Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Cookies March 13, 2017 - I love cookies. Well, I should be fair. I love a nice soft chewy chocolate chip cookie. It’s actually to blame for me getting into cooking. Sure watching my mom meticulously decorate cakes and then later trying it myself satisfied the artist in me, but cookies were the “gateway drug” into the world of cooking. … Continue reading Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Cookies
Good Design is All in the Details March 10, 2017 - In 2014 my husband and I decided to leave the fast paced life of the California bay area and move somewhere slower, quieter, and allow us to focus on quality of life. After finding a house on Zillow we flew out to Iowa to see it in person. Once at the location we new we … Continue reading Good Design is All in the Details
Cumin Beef with Sweet & Sour Zucchini March 9, 2017 - When trying to figure out a realistic menu plan I was constantly stumped with the weekends. Saturday’s we spend the day shopping for the coming week and are gone a good chunk of the day. Then Sunday’s were doing most of the food prep for the coming weeks lunches and dinners. So cooking even more … Continue reading Cumin Beef with Sweet & Sour Zucchini
Lamb Like You’ve Never Had It Before March 8, 2017 - Growing up with Jewish traditions, the Passover Seder was like our Thanksgiving. It was always a big to-do and the meal was always the same. Lamb. Lamb roasted over hot coals through the entire seder so you had this waft of amazing meat cooking, charring, and smoking making you eager for dinner. Lamb was always … Continue reading Lamb Like You’ve Never Had It Before
Kamut Oatmeal with Rose Mallow & Strawberry March 7, 2017 - In my husbands efforts for a healthier living and digestion started looking to whole grains for breakfast. Since breakfast wasn’t something I normally ate he just made it “functional food” meaning he would cook a big pot of grains with some nuts and dried fruit along with some chia and flax meal. He would package … Continue reading Kamut Oatmeal with Rose Mallow & Strawberry
The One Pot Dinner You Have To Try. March 7, 2017 - Chicken, prunes, and carrots doesn’t sound particularly interesting or appetizing but let me stop you right there. This is maybe one of the best dishes I have ever had. What is amazing is that it’s super simple but there’s a trick to this being stunning. Trick number one, the best ingredients you can source. Trick … Continue reading The One Pot Dinner You Have To Try.
Miette: Recipes From San Francisco’s Most Charming Pastry Shop March 3, 2017 - Miette is not a huge well known bakery but for those who know it I am sure they love it just as much as I do. It’s a tiny shop with a fun story. It’s based in San Francisco, was created Meg Ray, and is everything you would want in as pastry shop. The store … Continue reading Miette: Recipes From San Francisco’s Most Charming Pastry Shop
Pastrami on Rye! March 2, 2017 - You can almost hear it being shouted in a Jewish deli. You can make this as a traditional sandwich or an open faced sandwich but it’s as simple as a thick slice of rye bread some spicy mustard and then layer after layer of pastrami. I mean really, does it get any better? When I … Continue reading Pastrami on Rye!
Every Grain of Rice: Simple Chinese Home Cooking March 2, 2017 - When learning a new cuisine I find it important to get different perspectives. It’s pretty much my rule in life. I don’t trust easily. I don’t take things at face value easily. I question. Then I question some more but the reward of being this way is the journey, the discovery, and learning for myself. … Continue reading Every Grain of Rice: Simple Chinese Home Cooking
English Muffins, It’s All About Technique. February 28, 2017 - English muffins, this breakfast bun dates back to the turn of the 20th century and was brought over to the US by a immigrant from the UK. Over the years it has evolved to what we buy in the stores today but if you’re feeling empowered, willing to get a little messy, and can put … Continue reading English Muffins, It’s All About Technique.
Chocolate Cake, Raspberry Icing, Does It Get Any Better Than That? February 27, 2017 - “I eat cake every single morning. I go into the bakery, I pour a cup of coffee, and I have a piece of cake… and I don’t ever want to wake up any other way.” – Chef Owner Meg Ray or Miette Bakery in San Francisco. 
Crab Cakes… Brunch, Lunch, or Appetizer… They Don’t Disappoint! February 26, 2017 - I love a good crab cake. The problem is in finding one. Most often crab cakes come out dry, dense, and or disappointing. It seems like all too often they end up resembling something more like a hockey puck of over processed ingredients rather than the treat they really are. For me the perfect crab … Continue reading Crab Cakes… Brunch, Lunch, or Appetizer… They Don’t Disappoint!
Why Breville? Quality and Customer Service! February 25, 2017 - Over the years I have shopped a lot of brands when it comes to equipping my kitchen. It started with what was affordable at the time and piece by piece certain things evolved as I began shopping for quality. Don’t get me wrong. There is quality at every price point but for the rigor I … Continue reading Why Breville? Quality and Customer Service!
Why Rye? Depth of Flavor! February 24, 2017 - Rye Bread. Is there anything more Jewish? OK, maybe Matzo Ball Soup, but rye bread is right up there with it. At the turn of the 20th century Jews were immigrating to America in large numbers. They were looking for a fresh start and many found that in the boom of the delicatessen. With them … Continue reading Why Rye? Depth of Flavor!
The Spice Companion: A Guide to the World of Spices February 22, 2017 - Spices. What was the first thing that came to mind? Was it heat? Zing? A jolt? Was it curry or other middle eastern dishes doused in heavy colorful sauces? Maybe it was as simple as the word spicy. Maybe your mind went to chili and South American and Mexican dishes. Don’t feel bad this is … Continue reading The Spice Companion: A Guide to the World of Spices
French Toast February 21, 2017 - You may have seen my post about homemade challah this morning. In it I mentioned making fresh toast out of it. If you’re interested in how I do that this is my recipe slightly altered from Alton Brown. 
Kamut & Millet Challah February 21, 2017 - Growing up in a Jewish household was interesting. Although my dad was not a practicing Jew at the time the traditions and foods were always part of our life for as long as I can remember. Maybe the most memorable was challah. This braided egg bread is packed full of flavor.
Homemade Cracker Jacks?! February 20, 2017 - So over the weekend I happened to stumble across a recipe on for homemade cracker jacks. This to me is about as American as apple pie and hot dogs. Whether you grew up with actual cracker jacks, knock offs or things like Fiddle Faddle this treat is easy to make and just as delicious. 
Reinventing a Recipe. An Update to Surf and Turf. February 17, 2017 - A couple years ago I came across a recipe in Cuisine at Home for Stuffed Filet Mignon Oscar with Crabmeat Filling. I made this recipe as my alternative Thanksgiving. I had been looking for something that would be “special” enough to take the place of the classic dinner. The meal was fantastic but was too … Continue reading Reinventing a Recipe. An Update to Surf and Turf.
Slow-Cooked or Stir-Fried, This Meal was a Perfect Weekend Treat February 15, 2017 - Have you ever heard of tofu “bamboo”? How about dried shrimp? I hadn’t either. This is one of the many aspects I love about cooking asian dishes. I put together my grocery list from the recipes I selected and then head off the the Asian Food Store. There I wonder through the isles looking at … Continue reading Slow-Cooked or Stir-Fried, This Meal was a Perfect Weekend Treat
Cranberry Nut Muffins February 14, 2017 - Muffins are difficult to make exciting. Even more so they are difficult to make new and interesting but One thing I have learned in the kitchen is that mistakes can yield amazing results and this muffin is the prefect proof of concept. 
Beef and Turnip Stew with Red Russian Kale February 14, 2017 - I first made this beef stew last year. This simple and delicious stew is very forgiving and flexible. The original recipe came form Williams Sonoma Soup of the Day cookbook. It was featured as their October 14th recipe. I say this recipe is forgiving because it specifically calls for “1 bunch of turnips with their … Continue reading Beef and Turnip Stew with Red Russian Kale
How to Put Away Your Groceries, Menu Planning (Part 3) February 13, 2017 - A lot goes in to getting dinner on the table. The first step is creating the plan. What are you going to make every night? Then there’s putting together the grocery list. Next, you have to do all the shopping but when you come home with the groceries what do you do? Putting away your … Continue reading How to Put Away Your Groceries, Menu Planning (Part 3)
Quick Asian Stir-Fry, The Prefect Weekend Dinner February 10, 2017 - When it comes to quick and easy there’s nothing quite like a great stir-fry. I first featured this meal in my post about weekend dinners and meal planning. The key to a great stir-fry is flavor and for that you need a solid understanding of Asian cooking or great recipes and cookbooks. 
The Farm February 10, 2017 - Do you like uncomplicated, simple, straight forward recipes with fewer ingredients? If so The Farm is a great cookbook. However, if you like fresh, seasonal recipes that showcase the essence of an ingredient this too is your cookbook. The Farm is a non intimidating cookbook that takes you through the life cycle of a true … Continue reading The Farm
Labor Intensive vs. Time Saving February 9, 2017 - Quick and easy, 30 minutes or less, make it tonight, minute rice, shortcuts, and even text messaging; all of these are designed to save you time. So where is it? Where is all this time you’re saving? Do yo have some bit account some where with all this “free-time” “banked-time” and the rest of the … Continue reading Labor Intensive vs. Time Saving
The Classic Reuben February 9, 2017 - When most people think of corned beef they may immediately think of “corned beef and cabbage” that is often though of as the epitome of an Irish St. Patricks day. Here’s a fun fact, corned beef and cabbage is not a tradition in Ireland it’s an Irish-American tradition. However the story of corned beef has … Continue reading The Classic Reuben
The Seasonal Baker February 8, 2017 - There are more cookbooks on baking than I can even imagine. Everyone has some take on it. Trying to navigate through them to find ones that speak to you and how you like to bake or even more importantly what you like to bake can be hard. So when I stumbled across John Barricelli’s The … Continue reading The Seasonal Baker
Home-cured Corned Beef?! February 8, 2017 - We often think sandwich meats need to be store bought from a deli or meat counter. These giant hunks of meat dry or wet cured, tightly wrapped meats, sitting in behind the glass case seems like something that isn’t meant for the home cook to even try to take on. Heck, corned beef for that … Continue reading Home-cured Corned Beef?!
Creativity. Culinary or Otherwise. The Secret to Menu Planning (Part 2) February 8, 2017 - If the saying goes “necessity is the mother of all invention” then I would argue that “limitations are the mother of all creativity”. In this day and age choices are virtually unlimited. Whatever you want, whenever you want it, you can get it or have it. We like to think this is a good thing … Continue reading Creativity. Culinary or Otherwise. The Secret to Menu Planning (Part 2)
Mayonnaise, Pure and Simple February 7, 2017 - When I started looking at food seriously and wanted to see how I could impact our diet the first thing I decided was to cut back, if not out all together, commercially prepared foods. Chemicals and preservatives have corrupted our food and it’s time as home cooks we take back that power and it starts … Continue reading Mayonnaise, Pure and Simple
Black Forest Cake February 7, 2017 - In my journey to expand my cooking skills and knowledge I had decided I wanted to learn how to make many of the classic and not so classic cakes. I wanted a full repertoire so I wasn’t always relying on the couple cakes I knew were great. Then as I began thinking about seasonal cooking … Continue reading Black Forest Cake
Weekend Dinners, The Secret to Menu Planning (Part 1) February 6, 2017 - To the outsider it may look like I cook A LOT and I guess I do but what most. Don’t know is I don’t cook every night. Nor do I cook much on the weekends but what I do do is have a game plan to make sure there is great food for every meal. … Continue reading Weekend Dinners, The Secret to Menu Planning (Part 1)
The Grocery List… February 3, 2017 - There are far fewer things as a homemaker to do than to put together “The Grocery List” and actually get everything you need and stick to it. Now, you may be looking at the featured image and think, “Oh, heck no!” and that’s OK. Everyone will approach putting together their grocery list differently. The key … Continue reading The Grocery List…
Recipe Apps? A Digital Library… February 2, 2017 - In this day and age you would think that recipe apps would have been figured out by now but in my opinion they are still severely lacking. This got me to thinking about what is needed to make a good recipe app? What would I want in a recipe app?
Tacos: Recipes and Provocations February 1, 2017 - Do you love Mexican food? Do you suffer, as I do, from not having a drop of Mexican heritage to explain your desire and obsession for this delicious food? Have you ever thought of trying to replicate the flavor and authenticity in your own kitchen but then think somewhere in the heavens that the creator … Continue reading Tacos: Recipes and Provocations
Cheeseburger…Tacos? Say, Wha! February 1, 2017 - Yes, a cheeseburger taco. If you have been following my posts you will have seen I have been working through a cookbook called Tacos: Recipes and Provocations and since winter is all about beef what better recipe to whip up than one for these gooey tasty tacos. 
Simplicity At It’s Finest January 30, 2017 - Popcorn. Do you know how to make it at home? Can you make it without burning it? Are you only doing microwave popcorn? I grew up with a popcorn popper. It was a “small appliance” that had a shoot so as the popcorn popped it went into the bowl you set in front of it. … Continue reading Simplicity At It’s Finest
Phoenix Claws and Jade Trees January 30, 2017 - Have you ever had really good Chinese food and wondered what the secret is? Have you ever walked the aisles of an Asian food store and wondered what on earth do you do with tangerine peels and tripe? Chef Kian Lam Kho walks you through Asian cooking in a very approachable way in his cookbook, … Continue reading Phoenix Claws and Jade Trees
Pastrami Tacos January 19, 2017 - Pastrami tacos. Is this even a thing? What does that even mean? Wait, isn’t pastrami more Jewish deli and less Mexican street food? Though I understand these thoughts, as I had them myself when I first saw this recipe, it actually excited me. Here’s a cookbook that is not afraid to explore, evolve, and expand … Continue reading Pastrami Tacos
Buttermilk Cornbread Muffins January 18, 2017 - A great chili con carne needs a great cornbread and Heston Blumenthal at Home delivers yet again. Often when we think of cornbread we think of dry crumbly breads that are cooked in cast iron pans, sometimes cooked in glass baking dishes, but however they are baked they often stick to the pan. Getting the … Continue reading Buttermilk Cornbread Muffins
Homemade Flour Tortillas January 18, 2017 - Learning to make common things you buy at the grocery store at home is both rewarding and demystifying. The other effect is that you can often make something that tastes so much better. Items sitting on shelves in the grocery store have to be able to sit there for a long time. This means they … Continue reading Homemade Flour Tortillas
Thick Meaty Chili. Winter Perfection. January 17, 2017 - Chili, cornbread, and snow outside. One of the many reasons when I was thinking about seasonality, that I chose to put beef in winter, was expressly for chili. There’s just something about eating a thick hearty stew when there’s snow and negative temperatures outside that just seems so right. However, if you have snow or … Continue reading Thick Meaty Chili. Winter Perfection.
My Big Beef with Stock January 16, 2017 - Making stocks and broths is not hard. This is something every home cook should learn how to do. Being able to control your flavor profile by choosing the right stock or broth and what they are flavored with will make a huge difference compared to using store bought liquids or dry cubes and powders. The … Continue reading My Big Beef with Stock
The Breville Dual Boiler Espresso Machine January 12, 2017 - Many of us have become espresso drinkers in over the last decade. People who don’t like coffee even seek out this delicious beverage. However getting good espresso is not always easy and if you want good espresso at home that can be even harder. However if you’re willing to make the investment this espresso machine … Continue reading The Breville Dual Boiler Espresso Machine
Kugel or is it Kigel, maybe Kugelis? January 11, 2017 - What makes a kugel, kugel? Depending on where your ancestors come from it could be a variety of different answers but for the sake of this post and how I was raised, it was always called kugel and it was always a baked casserole or sorts. 
A Light Remodel or a Light Remodeling January 6, 2017 - Last March my husband and I started remodeling the main floor of our turn of the century farm house in northern Iowa. After getting the kitchen done and the floor laid life got busy and we didn’t make any more progress on the house. Then while my husband had some time off between Christmas and … Continue reading A Light Remodel or a Light Remodeling
Winter Is The Time For Planning January 6, 2017 - With winter being in full swing and the beginning of a new year feeling motivated and energized can be difficult depending on where you live. Here it’s cold, it’s snowy, and it gets dark early and stays dark late. Trying to find energy and motivation can be tricky. However, I also find winter relaxing and … Continue reading Winter Is The Time For Planning
The Christmas Storage Plan January 5, 2017 - We’re only a day away from the holidays officially coming to an end. That means it’s time to make the plan and set aside the time to take down all the decorations and get them packed up for next year. 
A Stuffing I Can Truly Say I Love… December 26, 2016 - I have posted many times about not liking holiday meals. Most of this is due to so much happening that no real attention is paid to any one dish to make it truly exceptional. Then you end up with bland, dry, or uninteresting dishes. This can be devastating as the cook because you plan the … Continue reading A Stuffing I Can Truly Say I Love…
Bowls, Bowls, Bowls! December 23, 2016 - Can one have too many bowls? I would say no, but then you would know that from peaking in my kitchen because I have four drawers designated to nothing but bowls! Better yet, I still want more bowls. 
The Breville Boss Blender December 22, 2016 - Let’s get this out of the way… Not all blenders are created equal. When shopping for a blender there are tons of choices and prices to match. Trying to find the right blender can be difficult.
Antiquarian Cookbooks and Where to Find Them… December 19, 2016 - Christmas and Chanukah are fast approaching and sometimes gift giving can either be stressful and/or expensive. Occasionally we get the idea to do hand-me-downs or re-gifting but we can feel guilty or cheap doing this. The key is knowing the recipient. 
Christmas Time, Will Always Be, Just So Long, As We Have We December 15, 2016 - So I was recently asked about inspiration. Where does it come from? This got me thinking about my “creative process”. I’ll admit it sort of floods in the moment the inspiration hits so trying to figure out the steps or the process is a bit tricky but I will give it my best shot.
Duck Eggs, the Best Kept Secret in Baking and Beyond… December 13, 2016 - I recently was looking at making a recipe that used a whole gambit of unusual ingredients. The main one was duck eggs. I had no idea what these would be like in taste or texture but was curious enough to add it to my grocery list. 
Fahoo, Fores, Dahoo, Dores, Welcome All Whos, Far and Near December 12, 2016 - As we walk thought my house you will see an odd room. Well, it’s more of an odd space. Straight in just past the kitchen is this large square space or room, it only has one full wall, on with a door and a hutch, and one that it is partial and leads you into … Continue reading Fahoo, Fores, Dahoo, Dores, Welcome All Whos, Far and Near
6 Tips for Tackling the Pantry: Explore the Possibilities… December 11, 2016 - A pantry, no matter the size, is the key tool to any home cook. This is where the secret lies, to the question, what’s for dinner? How you stock your pantry is entirely defined but how you cook, what you like, and what you have planned. 
Fahoo, Fores, Dahoo, Dores, Welcome Christmas, Bring Your Cheer… December 9, 2016 - Our holiday tour takes a turn into another and more traditional room of the house. However this room is anything but traditional. It’s the living room. When we bough this house this room was listed as a 4 season porch. Most porches that are inclosed like this are “3 season porches” but this one is … Continue reading Fahoo, Fores, Dahoo, Dores, Welcome Christmas, Bring Your Cheer…
Christmas Day, Is In Our Grasp! So Long, As We, Have Hands To Clasp! December 8, 2016 - If there was one thing I was excited about most this Christmas season it’s my Christmas dinner. So come this way and see the next room on my holiday tour of my house decorated for the season and take a look at my dining room. 
Welcome, Welcome, Fahoo Ramus, Welcome, Welcome, Dahoo damus… December 7, 2016 - As we continue the tour of my home the next room I want to share is yet another that can be difficult to decorate for Christmas. This kitchen. With food, crumbs, grease, and counter space at a premium, kitchen pose difficult to bring in some holiday cheer.
Fahoo, Fores, Dahoo, Dores,Welcome Christmas, Christmas Day… December 6, 2016 - Brining Christmas cheer into your home does not need to be difficult. As we let ourselves be enveloped into the season it’s hard to look anywhere and not see the holidays represented somehow. When it comes to decorating our homes we often focus on common rooms, the living room and the dining room. Some may … Continue reading Fahoo, Fores, Dahoo, Dores,Welcome Christmas, Christmas Day…
A New Kind of Dog Food December 5, 2016 - A little over 4 years ago my husband and I were thinking about getting dogs. At this time we were also starting our food journey of real food, healthy eating, and making more of an effort to know what’s in our food. This got me thinking about dog food. I wondered, could you make dog … Continue reading A New Kind of Dog Food
Pantry Must Have, The Dried Shiitake. December 4, 2016 - Umami – Pronounced Oo-mommy… is the 5th taste. It’s the savory taste. This taste is essential to many cuisines. Getting it into you dish can be as easy as adding meat but that doesn’t always work.
Fahoo, Fores, Dahoo, Dores Welcome Christmas, Come This Way… December 2, 2016 - The Christmas tree. Should it be real? Can it be fake? Do I need to go chop one down? Can I buy it from the supermarket? When does it go up? How long does it stay up? Do I have to let me kids decorate it? What do I do with all my fancy ornaments? … Continue reading Fahoo, Fores, Dahoo, Dores Welcome Christmas, Come This Way…
Layers, LAYERS, and MORE LAYERS!!! December 1, 2016 - The difference between a house and a home… is layers. 
Half Sheet, Quarter Sheet, Jelly Roll, or Cookie Sheet… What you need to know. November 28, 2016 - I have 2 half-sheets and 2 quarter-sheets. (The sheet pan is what professional bakeries use. They come in full, half, and quarter. They have a lip all the way around and sometimes are referred to as jellyroll pans. You can get them at any kitchen shop but I would recommend getting a couple from a … Continue reading Half Sheet, Quarter Sheet, Jelly Roll, or Cookie Sheet… What you need to know.
Forget the Leftovers. Try Do-overs! November 26, 2016 - If you read my post from yesterday titled The Good, The Bad, and The Soggy you know I had issues with a good chuck of my dishes. So leftovers didn’t seem exciting, but I did take notes and have been thing about it since. My intention was to let everyone just reheat what they wanted … Continue reading Forget the Leftovers. Try Do-overs!
The Gefilte Manifesto  November 25, 2016 - I grew up in a Jewish household. Well, OK, sort of. My dad is Jewish and my mom is not. We learned about and celebrated some of the Jewish holidays like Passover and Chanukah. I grew up with foods like Matzo Ball Soup, Challah, Farfel Kugel, Cheese Blintzes, Latkes, Matzo Brei and many others. This … Continue reading The Gefilte Manifesto 
INS-P-I-R-A-TION Find Out What it Means to Me November 18, 2016 - Inspiration. What is it? Where does it come from? Does everyone have it? Can everyone access it? I think one of the things I love when looking more into what is it was the phrase: being mentally stimulated to feel something. I think most people would assume inspiration is only for the creative. Heck, even … Continue reading INS-P-I-R-A-TION Find Out What it Means to Me
Technology in the Kitchen November 16, 2016 - Does technology have a place in the kitchen? You might think this is an easy answer but I don’t think there is a single more debated kitchen question. Some of our most celebrated chefs are adamant about it being a natural of a process and cook with nothing but fire. Some take it to a … Continue reading Technology in the Kitchen
The Dishwasher November 15, 2016 - When was the last time you thought about your dishwasher? No, really. Is it pulling it’s weight in your kitchen? I often see questions about “What one kitchen tool can’t you live without?” and think of everything from my onion goggles to by Fast, Slow Pro. However, none of that comes close to my dishwasher. 

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